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Lots of new Pix on Flickr!

Well, we’ve been busy in the shop as well as riding and testing a bunch so site updates have taken a back seat to building and fun but that didn’t stop us from taking a bunch of pix of both Schlick Cycles bikes as well as several new models from Simplified Bikes. Check out the […]

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Road ID Coupon

I ordered a Road ID for Syd and got another “friend code”. Use it if you need to. I think the Road ID is a great idea and should be part of any riders “kit”. Coupon Number: ThanksGreg828217 This coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order. It can be used up to […]

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Get Ready for Ray’s Indoor MTB Park in Milwaukee

The hugely successful Ray’s MTB Indoor Park is coming to Milwaukee in Fall 2010! I’d been hearing rumors and plans for a while now but a recent Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) story confirmed that this is no rumor! Here is a bit of the low down. Ray’s was the first indoor mountain bike […]

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The Bike Fed is hiring for 3 positions in Madison and Milwaukee

The Bike Fed is hiring for 3 exciting positions in Madison and Milwaukee ! Director of Communication The Bike Fed is now accepting resumes for a Director of Communication. This career-building opportunity offers the ideal candidate a chance to lead external communications and mobilize bicycle support throughout the state. ??The position is 40 hours/week and […]

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Bicycling is a $1.5 Billion Business in Wisconsin

It also employs more than 13,000 people in the state. That is fantastic! Here is the Press Release from The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin. REPORT: BICYCLING A KEY CONTRIBUTOR TO WISCONSIN’S ECONOMY MADISON — Recreational bicycling is among Wisconsin’s top outdoor activities in terms of economic impact, and increasing bicycling has the potential to deliver […]

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Visiting the Sun Ringle Tech Center

I headed over to Sun yesterday to visit Russell and pick up some some hand-built wheels he made for a couple of project bikes we have going at the shop. He did a sweet job using some Surly Single Speed hubs I brought in. I got a set of 29’ers with Sun Rhino Lite hoops, […]

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Now I REALLY Can’t Wait Until Winter

I was perusing some old articles at Dirt Rag and ran across the following article: entitled How to Make a Ski Bike (by Noah Koerper). Since I have the old skis and I am hitting Dave up for his old Ralph race frame it seems like we will be able to get one of […]

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Thoughts on the Shark from Nick

Nick Ginster, a Milwaukee area native, lives in Taiwan and has been helping us with another bike project. He recently visited Milwaukee to see family. We took the opportunity to meet Nick and have him check out the Shark. Here is what he wrote about his experience riding the Shark: I put some miles on […]

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The Kim West Radio Cycling Show

I’ve had the pleasure of riding several RAGBRAIs with Kim West and recently discovered through mutual friend LeeAllen that he has been doing a radio show in Des Moines, IA for a couple of years that is also available as a podcast. He talks about cycling in and around Iowa as well as other, broader […]

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The Long Haul Bike Tour

From September 9-26, Milwaukee-based, internationally-touring singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey will again take to his bicycle for a concert tour. This year is his third annual bike/concert tour and begins September 9 with a ferry ride from Milwaukee to Muskegon, MI, where Peter will take to his recumbent bike rigged with guitar and travel necessities and pedal […]

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Dave and Greg’s Sunday Ride

I’m a bit behind! This is actually from LAST Sunday! Dave called and said he’d be going to check out the custom motorcycle show at the Harley Museun is I decided to head down on the Smitty to meet him. I was interested to see his finished Teesdale MTB he just finished building as well. […]

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Ride the Drive 2009

Sydney and I took a drive from Milwaukee to Madison to check out the Ride the Drive event. The basic idea is that about a 6-mile route of streets were closed off the motor vehicles to allow cyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, roller blades, strollers and runners to enjoy the streets to see and experience Madison from […]

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I conquered “The Hill”

Okay, so wasn’t so much that I conquered it, as I made it up without having to use my feet on the pavement!   Who says Iowa has all the hills?  We have one on Mill Rd close to Marcy Rd. that is a constant grade from the very bottom to about 3/4 up the hill.  […]

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Smittys in Iowa

John and I took a trip to Decorah, IA to meet up with Deke from Oneota River Cycles, LeeAllen, Ron and several other cyclists from Decorah and Rochester, MN to do some bike riding in the hills around Decorah. We both took Smittys. John’s was set up with a 1X 9 drivetrain with a 42-tooth […]

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Everyday Cycling

I may be a little Johnny-come-lately to the term but I ran across a blog article here: that seems to resonate with me. The term used in the article, everyday cycling, describes very much the type of riding I envisioned Smitty owners doing. Here is a short quote from the article Travis wrote that […]

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Flat Drop Front Flip

As the cat at the end of the video says “That was sick!”

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Performance, it’s the name of the game!

Don’t get all hung up on who is getting fun poked at them! This is a riot!

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Smitty Prototype #2

Like Smitty #1 we started with a hand-built frame from Tom Teesdale. Made with True Temper Verus HT tubes, this frame was painted gloss black to match a sweet Wily 29er fork I have. Since this is a coaster brake bike and no front brake is needed I figured the Wily would provide a great […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19

Heading to the Shorewood Crit tomorrow evening. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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My Teesdale MTB Sees the Light of Day

I’ve had this beautiful TET frame for several years and even had most of the parts I needed to get it assembled but just never got to it. Well, with our plans to offer a Classic Teesdale Mountain Bike I figured I’d better get this one rideable for testing purposes. Since I already have a […]

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