Spokes Model Dave’s New Frame

When it came time for Dave to pony up for a new ride he didn’t have to look further than our own builder Tom Teesdale to make his new steel beauty! See, Dave had already ridden the life out of a Scandium rig Tom built years ago. Literally, the frame finally broke but then it was a super-light race frame that was only supposed to last for a couple of years. Dave had ridden the snot out of it for a bunch of years and really liked how the frame handled. So, with a change to True Temper steel instead of the fickle Scandium, a new frame idea was hatched with some cool updates like the revised wishbone seat stay and, of course, provisions for disc brakes.

Keep ‘er here for updates as the bike comes together.

Next on the agenda a custom fork that matches the super-cool wishbone seatstay!

Spokes Model Dave's New Frame

Spokes Model Dave's New Frame

Spokes Model Dave's New Frame

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