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Everyday Cycling

I may be a little Johnny-come-lately to the term but I ran across a blog article here:

that seems to resonate with me. The term used in the article, everyday cycling, describes very much the type of riding I envisioned Smitty owners doing.

Here is a short quote from the article Travis wrote that seems to get to the crux of the idea:

“Everyday cycling describes biking that occurs every day, in every way. Biking to the grocery store for a loaf of bread is everyday cycling. Everyday cycling is simple and not confined to work travel, which is good because it brings to our consciousness the many people who are changing the way they live by biking, but have not, until now, had a solid phrase to describe their vision. That is why I encourage the move to everyday cycling rather than inadequate or partial terms which require too much qualifying.”

If you are considering the Smitty think of the term everyday cycling and I think you will find it right up you alley!