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Ride the Drive 2009

Sydney and I took a drive from Milwaukee to Madison to check out the Ride the Drive event. The basic idea is that about a 6-mile route of streets were closed off the motor vehicles to allow cyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, roller blades, strollers and runners to enjoy the streets to see and experience Madison from a different perspective in a car-free environment.

Sydney rode her Trek 820, a nice old steel version, and I rode a Smitty.

Ride the Drive Madison, WI 0809

The event was co-chaired by Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and John Burke of Trek Bicycles. who had the following goals for running the event:

•    To allow bikers, runners, skaters, walkers and even families with strollers to enjoy six miles of Madison streets normally reserved for motor vehicle use
•    To establish Madison as one of America’s most bicycle-friendly cities
•    To bring the community of Madison together for a fun, community-affirming event
•    To invite Madisonians to consider adding non-motorized means of travel to their daily lives
•    To bring Madison residents downtown to patronize stores, boutiques and restaurants
•    To invite people to discover neighborhoods in a safe, family-oriented way
•    To point out the vital role roadways play in recreation, transportation and the overall health and welfare of our community
•    To enable citizens to see the city from a whole new perspective and pace

Ride the Drive Madison, WI 0809

Syd enjoyed the bike obstacle course, the Art Cart where she made a bubble wand , tracing our feet on the street and riding through the tunnel where there were musicians playing. She also was thrilled that there is a Jimmy John’s on State St. because that is her favorite sub shop and we had lunch there.

I enjoyed the time with my daughter!

Ride the Drive Madison, WI 0809

It would be great to see an event like this in Milwaukee. If you have ideas on how this could happen shoot me a note to