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Thoughts on the Shark from Nick

Nick Ginster, a Milwaukee area native, lives in Taiwan and has been helping us with another bike project. He recently visited Milwaukee to see family. We took the opportunity to meet Nick and have him check out the Shark. Here is what he wrote about his experience riding the Shark:

I put some miles on the Shark and I had quite a few others try it to get their opinion as well. On my first ride on the Shark I intended to go around the block, just to check it out. I was having so much fun I ended up riding for about 45 minutes. It is really smooth to ride and turning is a blast. One of the most impressive features is how fast you can stop. With your weight in the center of the bike, and lower, you can haul down to a stop extremely quickly. The low CG makes turning a breeze as well. Also, the easy seat adjustment made it very simple for other to try it out. The sizing is extremely flexible.

Nick is working with us to finalize the Schlick Shark for production. We look forward to working with him on this project and value his expertise.