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Got the Continental Goodness on My Teesdale MTB

Milwaukee Metro Mountain Bikers Fall Ride 2009

I had been using the TET mountain bike as an urban assault vehicle with IRC Metro Duros on it and liking it a lot but, for city riding, I’ve been riding the Smitty or the Simplified Singlespeed so it seemed like a good time to repurpose the Teesdale back to its intended purpose as a mountain bike just in time for the Milwaukee Metro Mountain Bikers Fall Social Ride.

I opted for Continental’s Mountain King in a 2.4 size to compliment the ridged nature of this MTB. If the 30-mile Saturday ride is any indication I’ll be using these for a long time. They were great! They had good traction on the damp trails and, in the mud, self-cleaned really well. The fact that I ended up with a few new scrapes and bruises was NOT the tires fault!

The Mountain King comes in a few sizes so you can tailor it to your rig and riding style.