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Smitty Built up as a Singlespeed

I built this Smitty up as a 29’er Singlespeed mostly to show the versatility of the Smitty frame but after riding it a couple of times I am going to keep it around for a while! One reason I want to put some miles on it is to test out our eccentric bottom bracket in off road conditions. The EBB has proven to be super for commuter version of  the Smitty and adding off road cred would be great.

Single Speed Schlick Smitty
Schlick Smitty Singlespeed

2 thoughts on “Smitty Built up as a Singlespeed

  1. This is a beautiful photo….and a great looking bike.

  2. Wow, it has been longer than I thought since I did this build! In that time the Singlespeed Smitty has become a go-to bike for me and has seen a lot of use on the Milwaukee River Trails and just town bashing in general. Great fun!

    Now it is time to pull the wheels for a dedicated 29’er Singlespeed and swap in a set of wheels with Alfine hubs; the 8-speed rear and the Dyno front.

    I am keeping the 2.4 Mountain Kings because I still plan to hit the off-road trails a bunch.

    Here’s to more time on the Smitty!


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