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Steel is Real 2010 in Milwaukee

We will be at the Steel is Real Ride in Milwaukee again this year. Got more peeps sporting Schlick steel rides this year and even though this is only the 2nd Annual Steel is Real ya got all the power and bike riding shennagianery organizing skill from Pee Oui’s close to 30 years of doing the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee to bank on. It will be a good one!

Indirectly from the Cat his own self!

Vote in the Best Steel Bike Contest. Riders will vote at Cafe Hollander before the start for the best Road Bike, One-On-One, Balloon-Tired Bomber, Mountain Bike, Bagel Wheels (24″ or less), Extemporaneous (high degree of creativity), and the coveted “Should’ve Taken ‘er to Ziebart” award for the best rust bucket (must be ridden) that looks a few pedal turns from the junk yard. We might do a best tandem award too if more than one shows up.

At registration everyone will get stickers for each Best Steel Bike category. You’ll vote for your favorite by putting the sticker on the bike of choice. We’ll call up entrants for each category and if you’ve got one entered you can do the show dog routine and tell about it. You can also buy votes. Beer bribes and flirting seem to work best.

And, we’ll have the Tattoo Contest again for real and fake tattoos on men and women. It will be “people’s choice” judging at a yet to be disclosed location. We’ll have washable ink colored pens available at earlier stops.

As before, we’ll be visiting fun Milwaukee taverns along the 25-mile route that starts and finishes at Cafe Hollander at 2608 North Downer Avenue. If your bike won “Best Bike” in one of the categories, people are sure to buy you beer to suck up. If you entered and didn’t win, you can just bitch about it. No one will buy you beer, but bitching is a Wisconsin tavern art form and you’re going to have company to join in the pissing and moaning.  What could be better?

The long-sleeve T-shirt you get when you register will have the latest Steel Is Real Milwaukee logo on it. (See that pretty photo up over there a ways?) No, Pee didn’t pose for it. Would have had better hair and a bigger package if he did.

Hope to see ya there!