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Santa Cycle Rampage 2010 Post Ride

Santa Cycle Rampage 2010 Post Ride

Saturday, December 11th ushered in the 2010 edition of the Santa Cycle Rampage. The weather was decent with temps near 40 most of the day. A bit o’ rain towards the end but, hey, 40 in Wisconsin, in December, is cool with me. (As I write this Sunday PM it is out 8 degrees F out so we were lucky!)

The day’s ride started at Cafe Hollander on Milwaukee’s Eastside, a quick PBR at Nomad World Pub then headed to Lakefront Brewery along the Milwaukee River, just north of Downtown, Rehorst Distillery in the 5th Ward (with a side trip to Conejito’s for lunch!), the Tamale Stand on 16th, Kochanski’s Concertina Bar where a live Polka Band played and free food was had, a stop at the same liquor store on Lincoln we stopped at last year, and on to the post-ride party at Cafe Centraal in Bayview. We had a couple more unofficial stops on the way back to the Eastside at Duke’s and Rascal’s. Total this year – 10, up 2 from last year!

The number of Santas seemed up this year from last years approximately 250. Lakefront Brewery gave out over 300 beer tokens! Riders dressed in all manner of Holiday-themed garb from Santa and his helpers to reindeer or other associated holiday garb. I had a new Santa suit courtesy of a great deal on a retired rental suit from Bartz’s.

My ride for the day was about 25 miles, the actual route was approximately 13 miles the extra being travel to the start and back to the shop. Other riders put in upwards of 30 miles.

There was excellent beer to be had at each venue with some favorites including, Fat Tire, Riverwest Stein, Fat Squirrel, Wheat Monkey, Zywiec (Polish) as well as some great Vodkas at Rehorst and even a tasting of Absinthe at the distillery.

As we rode there was a tremendous outpouring of good will towards the Santa group. Hundreds if not thousands of people shouted, cheered, whistled, followed, photographed, shot movies and, in general, made the ride extra special. Being 250-plus strong the Santa procession often stretched over a city block. Motorists were, for the most part very courteous and allowed the procession to hold together. We did, on occasion split at a particularly busy intersection but usually caught up to the group and arrived at our destinations intact.

No police escort this year for our part of the ride but we got separated after Rehorst and caught back up at Kochanski’s. Coupld been one!

This was assuredly one of the biking event highlights of the year! I’ll be back next year with bells on!

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