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Dirty Kanza Results

Congratulations to our good buddy, and Schlick Cycles Dealer, Steven Goetzelman from Iowa City, IA and co-owner of 30th Century Bicycles for his 11th place overall in 2011 version of the 200 Mile Dirty Kanza gravel race in Kansas. Even better he was 2nd in the singlespeed class and one of 65 finishers out of 300 starters.

In his own words!

Brief Dirty Kanza report: 205 miles, 212 for the day including ride to and from start. 30 miles with the leaders. 1 looong stop looking at the map and scratching the head. 2 flats. 1 wrath of dog storm. 0 dabs. 1 effin’ gear. 15 hours 7 mins, 15 mph avg on the bike. 2 chafed butt cheeks!

Sweet, Steve!

Full results here:

Steve’s full story on Bike Iowa here: