Designer’s Message


Midwest sensibilities – whether we like em or not, we’ve got em in droves here at Schlick Cycles! Both our primary designers, John Schlick and Greg Smith, are Wisconsin boys raised with Midwest values and the sense of practicality that comes from a lifetime around folks who share our common upbringing.

We’re as much about getting from point A to B in an efficient and comfortable way as we are about having fun and looking good while doing it. We just can’t get excited about the vast majority of so called “comfort” or “city bikes” offered by the big guys so, with our “Midwest Sensibilities” driving our designs, we set out to create bikes that we want to ride and expect that in doing so we will find a lot of kindred spirits out there who will appreciate our vision and our bikes.

The “fixie” crowd has a cool thing going, and if you really want to learn bike control, that’s the way to do it but in the end our progressing age and heartland upbringing say brakes and multiple gears (and lots of ’em!) are a better way to go for most of us.

At Schlick Cycles performance means making your ride easier (and who doesn’t want this?), a passion for the science of what makes a good ride a good ride helps us deliver it and a keen eye for detail helps us eek out the aesthetics of a good looking bike. Throw in low-maintenance parts and the great feel of steel and you have the Schlick Cycles dream in a nutshell.