Pugsley World Championships 2011

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The weather for the 1st Pugsley World Championships, held in Decorah, IA, February 26th, 2011, couldn't have been more appropriate. Race-time temps were about 15-degrees and there was a nice, steady snowfall of big, light flakes to add character. Even though he wasn't feeling 100-percent, Schlick Cycles team rider Chad Wilson rode a Schlick Northpaw to a ninth place finish over the 26.4 mile course from Cresco, IA to Decorah, IA on Beeler trails, the Prairie Farmer trail, Decorah city trails and snow/ice covered gravel roads. In addition to our Schlick Northpaw fatbike there were several Pugsleys, it was, after all the Pugsley World Championships, a couple of 9:Zero:7s and probably the coolest bike at the event, a FatBikeisized Surly Big Dummy. In the end Trevor Rockwell won the winner take all $500 prize. Nice day's work! After the race we met up at The Oaks restaurant and bar for more FatBike shenanigans including a teeter-totter push, King of the Hill event won by our own Spokes Model Dave Lunz, and an impromptu derby late in the evening. All in all the event was a lot of fun! Race Photos from the Pugsley World Championships.

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