Dirt Burger

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Back from Dirt Burger in Decorah. A memorable weekend to be sure but I don't remember all of it. I do remember the part where I gave the left ankle a twist while playing Disc Golf with Gunner at Luther. I remember the band and rain the night before. Both were fine by me. Pretty sure there was Bocce Ball playing at some point. Ward won a frame. I didn't see the teeter-totters burning in the fire pit but I know when it happened by the hooting' and a hollering'  There is video somewhere. Seems O'Gara's team are the Intergalactic Bucketball Champs. Oh, yeah and rode the bikes some. More later as it comes back to me. Don't miss the next one if you know what's good for you. Some pix here. Surly Trailer video here.

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