Northpaw Components 47mm 29-Plus Rims Coming in 30 Days!

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29 plus bicycle rim We will have the 47mm 29-Plus sized version of the Popular Northpaw-S rim available in about 30 days! Available in Black, Gunmetal, Silver at $149. Custom powder coating is available for an additional cost. While the development of the Northpaw-29+ was spurred by the inevitable availability of a 29x3.0 tire, this rim also works great with wider 29'er tires that are already available. We've tested Schwalbe Racing Ralphs, Schwalbe Hans Dampfs and Weirwolves in sizes 2.35 and up with great results and are looking forward to more tires choices and sizes! Mounted Tire Widths:
  • Surly Knard 29 x 3.0 - 74mm at the Carcass, 76mm outer knobs.
  • Mountain King 2.4 - 58mm at the Carcass, 61mm outer knobs.
  • Hans Dampf 2.35 - 63mm at the Carcass, 60mm outer knobs.
  • Racing Ralph 2.35 - 63mm at the Carcass, 58mm outer knobs.

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March 19, 2015


Those with some 29×2.35 Schwalbe Big Apples on them would be an awesome fast/plush combination.

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