Buffalo Longtail Fat-bike

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Greg Smith | 1 comment


Here is a shot of the recently completed Buffalo Longtail fat-bike! More to come.

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March 19, 2015


Hello , I would pick you solicit to whether the model BUFFALO longtail bike FATE -BIKE for sale?
 Not possible to buy only the frameset ? In fact , I purchased a frame kit from the model SURLY BIG DUMMY ! I am messenger in my city ( TOULOUSE , FRANCE in ) ! But the usefulness of BUFFALO LONGTAIL to be a long trip for a year CENTRAL ASIA, with my grandchildren ! I need to have a bike equipped with wide tires, in order to drive on sand tracks , such as found in many MONGOLIA ! My kids are small 3 to 6 years ! In case of problems when we are on track with sand, I want to ride again and not pushing my bike with luggage and a trailer with kids inside !

Finally, I hope you understand all the interest I have in this frame style ! For once , I ’m going to use to make this long journey !

PS: I dare not ask you to sponsor or if it would be possible for you to construir me this framework? Know any time on our web side , you will nome as frabriquant frame !

Thank you and waiting for your response



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