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Bike of the Week – SOLD! – Large Purple Tatanka Fat-bike

This bike has been sold! Roll on Kobe!

This particular Tatanka frame was fabricated by legendary frame builder, Tom Teesdale, to our specs. The complete bike was actually built up a couple of years ago but never ridden. That said, it has been knocking about the shop and has some minor scuffs and is sporting a 2 x 10 drivetrain that may not be the “in” thing right now but we think the range and versatility of the 2 x 10 setup are a perfect match for this Tatanka.

This bike should fit you well if you are between 5’10” and 6’2”. It may work well outside that range depending on how you like your bike setup.

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Tatanka Takes Air at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park


Our pro-shooter friend, Rafal from Seville Media, and I met up with local dirt jump wunderkind, Aristotle Peters, for a fat-bike photo shoot at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park recently. (If you are a reader you may have noticed this story over there!) Anyway, Aris had been wondering how a fat-bike would fare at the park so we hooked him up with a Schlick Tatanka to test. He noted that the only other time he’d ridden a fat-bike was a brief test to see how they wheelie out in front of a local pub so this was an all new experience. I think from the shots you can see that he got comfortable with flying a fat-bike pretty quickly! (Yeah, I shot a few of the pix as well!)

After the session Aris was so excited about the potential for a purpose-built fat-bike for Ray’s, dirt jumping and other aggressive riding that he and I started talking about the APe, our new fat-bike developed specifically for this type of rising. With larger diameter and increased wall thickness the main triangle is built to withstand repeated flight, the super short 16.9″ chain stays are beefed up while a slightly slacker head tube angle than the Tatanka lend stability while landing but still allow the APe to carve the berms like it is on rails. look for more on the APe very soon as we work to update our website!

Aris is an avid biker and just about any excuse to ride will get him going! He not only works at Ray’s part time but also works at the Milwaukee Dreambikes store and attends the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.