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What is With Those HUGE Tires on the Smitty?

Schlick Smitty w/Schwalbe Big Apples

Those monster tires are called Schwalbe Big Apples and we are using the biggest of the big. 28 x 2.35 rollers. Don’t worry though, through some very smart engineering these tires have low rolling resistance while giving you the advantage of pot-hole sucking action a good city tire needs. They also have great, reflective sidewalls for visibility while riding at night.

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Who do we follow on Twitter?

These are bike people we follow on Twitter either @schlickcycles or @schmenzer.

@boneshakerbike – Mountain Bike Racer, Software Dude for Univision-Computers.Com

@TimJackson – bike nerd and marketing nerd… what a dreamboat! Brand Mgr for Masi Bicycles. Social Media wonk.



@Teecycle_Tim – Runner. Biker. Writer for DRAFT magazine. Milwaukee Magazine fitness columnist. Recycled T-shirt seller. Classic middle child.

@Pattersnap – Bio Journalist, cyclist, student

@Zize – One of Schlick Cycles contract partners – it’s all about bikes for everybody!

@lancearmstrong – 7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter – LIVESTRONG!

@Interbike – Rich Kelly – Marketing manager for the largest gathering of the bike industry in North America. We love bicycles and cycling.

@thebikediva – Freelance writer, blogger, road biker, cyclocross addict, runner, founder of Bike Diva.

@kansascyclist – Kansas bicycle news, events, clubs, shops, and links.

@CharitonRAGBRAI – RAGBRAI overnights in Chariton on July 22, 2009! Keep up with all the news and information.

@RAGBRAI_IOWA – Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across iowa

More to come!

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iPhone Cycling Apps

With my reinvigorated desire to ride my Shark as well as other bikes I want an app for my iPhone that will help me record and map my rides. I think having an app that allows me to view my progress will be a motivator and besides, I love any excuse to use my iPhone and help justify the cost. After all, it did save me several hundred dollars last year but what has it done for me lately.

if you have a suggestion please leave me a comment!