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My Indoor Training Machine

Gotta get that fitness back before the warm weather hits Wisconsin. I’ve been putting 15 minutes a day in for several days now and will be upping it to 30 minutes 5 times a week soon. Been out of it for a bit!

Here is a picture of the torture device:

Works well because that heavy wheel is great to smooth out the pedal strokes.

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iPhone Cycling Apps

With my reinvigorated desire to ride my Shark as well as other bikes I want an app for my iPhone that will help me record and map my rides. I think having an app that allows me to view my progress will be a motivator and besides, I love any excuse to use my iPhone and help justify the cost. After all, it did save me several hundred dollars last year but what has it done for me lately.

if you have a suggestion please leave me a comment!

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Wow! Lots going on here!

Been slacking on the site update but there is a lot of activity going on at Schlick Cycles!

After a couple of years using some of the best short run frame builders around, we are working on production versions of our Schlick Shark.

We have also been involved in helping a friend’s company realize her dream of getting another pair of super bikes into production. More on that project as it develops.

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Schlick Cycles Shark in Playboy Magazine!

Whoo, hoo! The Shark has made the hallowed pages of Playboy magazine. September issue, page 34, in the Mantracks section.

This adventure started when John and I went to the Chicago offices and photo studio of Playboy for a photo shoot with the Shark in February. Pretty amazing to see the photo studio where nearly every photo in Playboy is shot. From products to models, Playboy still does all their own image making. Sweet!

We had to park a few blocks from the building that houses the Playboy offices and it was a reasonably warm day for February like 32 degrees or so. We got quite a few looks from folks rushing around the Chicago lake front and even more when we went in the front door of the building. I was tempted to ride down the halls but discretion got the better of me.

When we arrived at the palatial, top-floor suites of the Playboy offices we were taken to the studios and spent the next couple of hours watching as a couple of Playboy staff photographers set up the large softbox and 6 flash heads that would illuminate our beautiful Shark.

When the moment came for the actual snapping of the photos George Georgiou, legendary Playboy Photographer, did the honors. Thanks, George, the Shark looks great!



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The Schlick Shark at Interbike

Well, I knew I took some photos at the 2006 edition of Interbike where Schlick Cycles shared a booth with Waterford Precision Cycles, the builder of our first batch of Sharks and, by cracky, I found them!

Our booth was right next to the fine folks from Raxter and we had the opportunity to test the fit of the Shark on their hitch mount rack and it fits great so if you need a rear carrier for your Shark be sure to check the Raxter out.


In the photo above we have the Shark sharing with Raxter
with a traditional road bike and getting along fine!


The photo above shows a pair of Sharks on the Raxter. Nice Fit!



Head Shark, John Schlick gets in a morning ride in Vegas during Interbike.

The folks from Schlick Cycles will again be attending Interbike in 2007 looking for accessories and apparel to make your Shark experience even better. Look for a report when we return in late September.

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We’ve got a Schlick Shark Flickr Photo Group!

schlick-shark-logo.gifThis group is for owners and fans of Schlick Cycles Shark bicycle. If you own a Shark we’d love to see photos of you and your ride. Just join Flickr if you are not already a member and post away. If you are already a member I’ll bet you know what to do!

The Schlick Shark Flickr Group address is:

If, for some chance, you don’t want to, or can’t join Flickr, send us your pix and we’ll get them posted!

Show off your Shark!

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Roy Wallack of the LA Times: Gear Section – Laid-Back on Two Wheels

Roy Wallack: Gear
Laid-Back on Two Wheels

LATimes, October 9, 2006

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Benno Baenziger ought to be blushing. In two years’ time, the Townie bicycle he designed turned his Vista, Calif.-based Electra Bicycle Co. – the little beach cruiser company he co-founded 14 years ago – into an industry player and the bike was copied by several major brands.

With their chopper-like frames that lower the seat, push the cranks forward and raise the handlebars, the Townie and its ilk eliminate the fear of falling and the back, neck and hand discomfort that can come with conventional bikes’ lean-forward position. The result: Riders can place their feet on the ground while seated and ride with a comfy heads-up, straight-back position on wide, cushy seats. These so-called flat-foot bikes aren’t the greatest hill climbers – it’s hard to stand up out of the saddle – but they are comfy for all-day riding, will usually accommodate everyone from preteens to 6-footers and come with a wide-screen, picture-window view of the world that other bikes can’t touch. Continue reading Roy Wallack of the LA Times: Gear Section – Laid-Back on Two Wheels

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This business plan is road-ready – Bicycle designer targets niche market

This business plan is road-ready
Bicycle designer targets niche market

Posted: June 5, 2006 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

For years, self-described tinkerer John Schlick has scribbled sketches and jotted down ideas in thick spiral notebooks.

He’s filled three of them, often writing just before going to sleep or even after. His wife, Cheryl, has bought lighted pens for him so he can write in the dark.

Continue reading This business plan is road-ready – Bicycle designer targets niche market