Northpaw Fatbike Hubset


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Northpaw Hubs are made to our specs by the same factory that makes hubs for some of the most famous names in cycling! Maximum compatibility, minimum weight, durable and affordable!

4 sealed bearings in the rear and a 36 tooth pawl system for quick engagement! We use a steel freehub body for added durability so you can use any 9-10 speed cassette you want. Don’t worry about having to spend $150 or $200 to get a high-end cassette with an aluminum spider so you don’t trash an aluminum freehub!

The front hub uses Rear Disk spacing for the most compatibility and will work fine with Front-specific Disc spacing with a simple 5mm adapter or with MRP/White Brothers forks with their Disk Adapter.

FREE with your order Black Q/R Skewers, a $30.00 value!

  • Northpaw 135/170 Hubs
  • 4 Sealed Bearings and a 36-tooth Pawl System in the rear
  • Rear Disk compatible front spacing
  • Front 236g
  • Rear 444g

Are you really worried about weight? We do sell high-end hubs as well. 3 ounces will cost you about $150!

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