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Metro Mountain Bikers Milwaukee Fall Ride

On October 3rd Dave and I headed over to Benno’s to meet the riders on the Fall ride for the Metro Mountain Bikers of Milwaukee.

The morning looked kind of dismal early but by the time we were ready to go the sky was looking friendlier and when we arrived on the parking lot behind Benno’s several folks were getting ready to roll.

We headed in to the bar for a bit of AM fuel in the form of Riverwest Stein for me and a Spotted Cow for Dave and met the growing group of riders.

A bit after 10AM we hit the road with a group of close to 30 riders.

Milwaukee Metro Mountain Bikers Fall Ride 2009

The route for the day took was all new to me but from what I remember it was a blast! We mostly headed along the Menomonee River either in the culvert or on some really nice off road trails with diversions to the Valley Inn, Leff’s Lucky Town, Bubba’s Cave, ‘Tosa Hollander and a nice stop in the woods with, you guessed it, beer! There is a partial route track from my iPhone here but since we started at 10AM and didn’t finish ’till about 6PM I ran out of juice for the p-hone. I’ll have to get an auxiliary battery for the next ride.

I rode my Teesdale Mountain bike and Dave had his new Teesdale MTB as well.

Check out more Metro Mountainbikers pix on Flickr.