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Interbike 2010 Quick Report

I’m heading Home From Interbike. Killing some time ’till my flight home. Another year, another Interbike in the books. It was a long one this year. Sorry, family, it was how the flight worked out. They announced this year that Interbike will be moving to Anaheim next year as well as being in mid August […]

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A Rodent on the Marsupial

Took my Rat Ride for a cruise the other day and rode the Marsupial bridge. Seemed a good spot for a photo and a little mammal on mammal action. Yep, we do build some great bikes but I often like to ride bikes from other manufacturers simply because they are awesome. The Surly Rat Ride […]

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I Took My Surly 1X1 Rat Ride Out For a Spin Today

It was 50 degrees at 3PM today, on December 1st in Milwaukee no less, and a bike ride was calling. Normally, I ride bikes we build but, on occasion, I like to ride other bikes I own like my old Bontraeger or, as was the case today, my Surly Rat Ride. The day was beautiful […]

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