Bike Industry Consulting

Between the two, John Schlick and Greg Smith of Schlick Cycles have over 45 years in the bike industry as well as a combined 70-plus years as avid bike aficionados. From early days of modding Schwinn Stingrays, to mid-90’s work with Ralph Cycles and Tom Teesdale, to the newest Schlick Shark, their passion is evident in the quality of the bike and the attention to detail that makes riding a great bike so pleasurable.

John and Greg have extensive experience sourcing and bringing to market bikes that are a bit out of the ordinary. They are definitely not “off-the-rack” bike guys! If you’ve visited Schlick Cycles at the annual InterBike show in Las Vegas you know what they’re about!

Schlick Cycles resources include great relationships with several of the top bike frame builders in the US which gives the company the ability to help you rapidly prototype your concept and then go right in to production with bicycle quantities from 10 to 1,000 units a year made right here in the good ol’ US of A.

For more ambitious projects Schlick Cycles works closely with a top engineering firm in Taiwan as well as several of Taiwan’s top bike builders and component suppliers to realize cost effective bicycle production from 100 to 10,000 plus units.

Schlick Cycles is currently working with Zize Bikes on two of their popular line of bikes for larger people rediscovering the joy and health benefits of bicycle riding. The Schlick team works closely with the folks at Zize helping to design and produce the A New Leaf and Time of Your Life bicycles.

In addition to Schlick Cycles expertise in getting your bicycle dream built and produced we have the marketing experience to get you noticed.

If you would like to know more about how Schlick Cycles can help you become the success in the bike industry that you know you are, contact the Schlick team for an exploratory meeting to determine your needs and how Schlick Cycles can help you achieve your goals.