Privacy Policy

This is the web site of Schlick Cycles, LLC.

Our postal address is
3720 N. Fratney St.
Unit 2B
Milwaukee, WI 53212

We can be reached via e-mail at

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes IP Address.

We absolutely protect your privacy!

We only send mail to people who have indicated that they are happy to hear from us. We give everyone an opportunity to state their preferences on our use of their details and strictly respect those preferences.

Personal data collected is not distributed, shared, rented or sold to companies or organizations that are not part of Schlick Cycles.

We avoid sending emotive or ‘negative’ messages or images to people. We try to ensure that people receive good news about the positive progress being made within our company.

If you make a purchase, your information will be stored locally except where an outside payment processor like PayPal is used. The outside processors have been chosen for their integrity and good Privacy practices.