The SuperFast – a practical nod to Fixie simplicity.

schlick superfastWith a relaxed, ride-it-all-day geometry the SuperFast is built around an Internally Geared Hub (IGH) set. We were originally after simplicity and low maintenance but the with the clean looks an IGH gave us we also appreciate the aesthetic and simple lines of a bike with no derailleur.

We chose to build our SuperFast from steel for a couple of great reasons. One of the main reasons is that we can have the frames built in the USA by none other than Tom Teesdale!

Light weight but strong – The True Temper Verus HT tubes are light but strong and, of course, steel. Light and lively but able to hold its alignment, steel will survive many more seasons in the city than aluminum while giving you a better ride over potholes and on urban city streets.

Great ride quality – Again, specing the VerusHT tubes really brings out the strengths of a steel frame. The compact rear triangle gives you a bit of compliance where you need it while making power transfer seem effortless. Couple the fantastic tube set with a well thought out and thoroughly tested geometry and you get an unbeatable combination.

Lots of attachment points – You’re commuting, you’re touring, you’re racking up the miles. If you need to take stuff with you, fear not, the SuperFast has you covered with these braze-ons:

  • Two h2o mounts on the frame
  • Fittings top and bottom of seat stays for a rack
  • Eyelets on drop outs for fenders
  • Threaded fittings in bridges for fenders

Low maintenance – an Internally-geared Shimano Alfine hub, coupled with disk brakes, strong wheels and a steel frame all make the SuperFast a bike you will ride, not wrench on. The new version of the Shimano Alfine rear hub has another benefit; it is very quiet!

The Versa 8 or Versa 11 brake/shifter levers have made it possible to pair the Alfine hub with drop bars making an internally geared hub road bike a reality. The Versa levers operate similarly to STI-style levers with the right lever doing the shifting of the rear hub.

Because we are using disc brakes on the SuperFast we chose vertical drop outs coupled with an eccentric bottom bracket so you can always get your rear wheel in exactly the right place while still being able to adjust chain tension perfectly.

The Superfast Tire Story – Man! I love a good story! We’ve been working with Nick Ginster from Fyxation on a bike project and when it came time to spec a tire for the Superfast we didn’t have to look further than Nick’s own company, Fyxation, for the perfect tire, The Session 700. The tire is modeled after 20? freestyle tires with wraparound diamond tread pattern and has Kevlar for flat resistance. The 120tpi casing and folding bead means the tire rides well even with the reinforced sidewalls for pinch flat protection. This is a true urban assault tire that is right at home in the city and on the SuperFast!

Top-notch components – It is easy to spec a ride that will set you back several thousand dollars but how about intelligent components that give you the ride, performance and reliability you want with out needing your own version of the economic stimulus package.

Sex Appeal – These are hand made in the US of A folks. You know what that means? Well besides great workmanship, it means you don’t have to settle for one color just so the manufacturer can keep his cost down and make a few more bucks. We want you to be happy, so, if you aren’t hip to our stock colors, and can hang on for a while, we’ll slap whatever color you want on your SuperFast! How cool is that?

Not feeling our speced components? We wouldn’t make this awesome ride without letting you roll your own if that is, well, how you roll. Start with a Frame and Fork and build the goodness to your hearts content. Just make sure you send us pix and a story! Good ideas and next years inspiration often come from you!