Spokes Model Dave


Dave Lunz – Schlick Cycles Spokes Model

Dave is an avid bike rider, metal sculptor and iron worker who brings a bunch of bike industry experience to Schlick Cycles. From his days as on the NORBA circuit with Hayes Tech Support, working at the Bikesmiths shop in Milwaukee, messengering in the winters, to his WORS, Chequamegon and 24 hours of Nine Miles racing experience, to his metal banging and chefery skills, Dave has become a valuable member of the Schlick Cycles team in his role as product torturer/tester and all around “Spokes” model. Heck, he has even been doing us proud as the official “Rosy’s Field DJ” and head heckler to the riders at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival for the past few years!

Check out Dave’s website at http://www.davelunz.com for a much more extensive, and storied, chronicle of Dave’s working career. It simply boggles the mind!

Dave’s Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/davelunz/

Are you a Facebook wonk? Dave’s got a presence there too!

Finally, if you want to get totally silly check out Dave-TV on YouTube.