APe Fatbike for Aggressive Riding

The APe is our short chainstay fatbike made for aggressive, all-season fatbiking!


The APe story actually began with the Tatanka and local Dirt Jump expert, and Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park regular, Aristotle Peters. Aris took the Tatanka to Ray’s to wringing it out for a photo session. He had a total blast but wondered what a purpose-built, aggressive fat-bike would be like so we set about designing the Aristotle Peters edition, or APe for short! The resulting design makes this fat-bike one of the first purpose-built for aggressive riding

What makes this different than the Tatanka (or other fat-bikes for that matter)?

  • Larger diameter and thicker wall tubes. We still use True Temper for the main tubes but upped the size for added strength.
  • Ultra-short, heavy-duty 16.9″ chainstays allow the APe rider to manual with ease, wheelie like there is no tomorrow and fly on the jump lines. It is also a great urban assault fat-bike tailor made for getting the most out of your terrain.
  • Optimized geometry for narrower rims and 26 x 3.8 tires.
  • 27.2mm seat tube diameter. Want to run a dropper post on your APe? No problem!

That all sounds great, right? What’s the catch? Well, what you won’t get is clearance for the 26 x 5.0 tires. We specced this design to work with tires as large as a 26 x 3.8 Nate on a 65mm rim. That’s it! The APe really works well with the Northpaw 47mm rim coupled with Knards, Husker Dus, Vee Rubber Vee8s or Larrys but if you want to run BFLs, Buds or Lous the Tatanka is your huckleberry.

All Northpaws currently in stock were hand-built by Tom Teesdale. If you didn’t know, Tom passed away doing the annual RAGBRAI ride that traverses Iowa. As a result these are among the last bicycle frames that Tom built. We will miss Tom, his experience and his friendship. This is a chance to own part of that legacy!

Looking for a fat-bike that you can run an Internally Geared Hub on? Take a look at our Northpaw!