Greg Smith – Bio

Greg Smith joined Schlick Cycles in September 2006. He brings a passion for 2 wheeled things as well as extensive industry experience, including co-ownership of a custom frame company and several years’ work as a wholesale rep to the team at Schlick. Within Schlick Cycles Greg functions as bike designer, sales manager, web master, component picker, product tester, promotion developer, press liaison and, in general, does the whole wearing many hats thing common to small companies.

Greg has raced both mountain and road bikes but concedes that now, in his mid-forties, biking is more of a recreational endeavor. Riding the Shark fits in well with the 10 to 15 mile rides common these days. For the sake of nostalgia, and because they are still great bikes to ride, Greg also has several, more conventional bikes, in the stable. A GT LTS-1 Team is still his choice for a full-suspension MTB, an original, Santa Cruz built Bontraeger is still the single track bike of choice, a custom Tom Teesdale road bike gets the work when the need for speed comes calling and a custom Teesdale MTB is currently under refurbishment. There is a Ralph Cycles MTB, actually two, still around although the Aermet Ralph, built by Ralph himself, is now just a bling showpiece. (That thing was scary light!) Heck, there is even a Monty trials bike that may someday taste rock again. Call him a bike geek, he won’t mind.

When Greg is not riding you will find him spending time with his wife, 10-year old daughter and 3-year old son, doing photo and video projects, banging out code on his Macs and some days you might even find him on the top of a hill flying one of his radio control slope sailplanes.

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