Yep, you could even ride it on the dark side of the moon!

Beach, trail, snow, city, anywhere you want to go, the Northpaw FatBike will take you there, with massive 26×4.0 tires and the ability to carry a burden worthy of a Beast!

Why a FatBike?

After riding several friend’s Pugsleys and really having a blast I knew that we had to do a FatBike! I also knew from previous rides, including during the Outdoor Dirt Demo at Interbike, that we would not just use our FatBikes for snow biking.

Like several other FatBikes, the Northpaw uses an offset design with a standard 135mm MTB cassette hub in the rear and a 135mm singlespeed hub used in the front. A couple of reasons drove the decision to use the offset-style design for the Northpaw.

  1. There are a lot of 135mm MTB hubs out there as well as offset rims, forks and other readily available parts that help keep the cost reasonable.
  2. Offset frames have been around for a while and you can simply swap out your older frame for a new Northpaw and use nearly every part you already have.
  3. The frame can be set up with just about any drive train configuration you want; traditional derailleur(s), Internally Geared Hubs like the Rohloff Speedhub, Singlespeed, etc.

In keeping with our vision of FatBikes as year-round steeds, ready for adventure whenever you are, a couple of design features make the Northpaw the most versatile Fatbike available!

  1. Adjustable Headset Angle – We’ve built the Northpaw with a 44mm head tube so you can have options if that is the way you want to go. The new Cane Creek AngleSet allows you to adjust the head tube angle in .5-degree increments allowing you to tailor your Northpaw to varying riding conditions.
  2. Paragon Rear Slider – To give maximum drivetrain compatibility, ease of use, adjustable wheelbase and just plain cool, the Northpaw is built with the Paragon Machine Works sliding drop out.

All Northpaws currently in stock were hand-built by Tom Teesdale. If you didn’t know, Tom passed away this year doing the annual RAGBRAI ride that traverses Iowa. As a result these are among the last bicycle frames that Tom built. We will miss Tom, his experience and his friendship. This is a chance to own part of that legacy!

What’s in a name? Northpaw?

  • Because it is just right! (Otherwise, it would be a Southpaw!)
  • Because this bike uses an offset wheel to move the hub to the right to allow the chain to clear that massive tire.
  • Because we are in Wisconsin where Badgers rule!

Consider the Northpaw adventure bike for your next ride!

Schlick Northpaws are handmade in the US of A folks. You know what that means? Well, besides great workmanship, it means you don’t have to settle for one color just so the manufacturer can keep his cost down and make a few more bucks. We want you to be happy, we’ll slap whatever color you want on your Northpaw! How cool is that?

We wouldn’t make this awesome ride without letting you roll your own if that is, well, how you roll. Start with a Frame and Fork and build the goodness on to your hearts content. Just make sure you send us pix and a story! Good ideas and next years inspiration often come from you!

Here are a few pix of Northpaws we’ve done for our customers.