The Schlick Shark

The Schlick Shark Performance Cruiser Bicycle


Who should own a Schlick Shark?

If comfort, style, performance, safety, and prestige are important traits in a bicycle, then the Schlick Shark is a great choice for you if you are:

  • Someone seeking a fun and exhilarating form of exercise which works their cardiovascular system and strengthens their “core” muscle groups.
  • Spinning class or gym bike riders who are tired of staring at a TV screen and want to, instead, enjoy the outdoors.
  • Parents who wants to ride with their kid(s).
  • Urban or suburban dwellers who want a bike for commuting, shopping, or visiting friends.
  • A baby boomer couple who want to ride together.
  • Someone with neck, wrist and/or back problems who has hesitated to bike ride due to fears of injury.
  • Anyone who wants to ride a bicycle that few others own!

Basically, the Schlick Shark is designed for anyone who wants to ride distances ranging from around the block to many miles – but who doesn’t want to, or can’t, ride traditional road bikes, mountain bikes, or recumbents.

Instead, they just want to jump on their bicycle and ride just like they remember doing as a kid. No learning curve and, no worries about wearing the right clothes, shifting gears, braking correctly, safety, and/or breakdowns and they want to do so with comfort and style!


schlick-disk.jpg schlick-crank.jpg

schlick-headtube1.jpg schlick-seatpost.jpg

You deserve the best!

If you want a bicycle for exercising, commuting, or riding with your kids, you should purchase a bike designed specifically for you — the Schlick Shark. The stylish bicycle with the comfort, style, performance, safety, and prestige you deserve.

If you think this might be the right bike for you, then I encourage you to give us a call at 262-501-1100.

For more information take a look at:

Are you bicycle rider who’s tired of old fashion and boring bike designs?

Are you a parent who wants to go on bike rides with your kids, but doesn’t want to deal with the comfort and safety issues of traditional bike designs?

Are you aging gracefully but frustrated that most bikes are designed for kids?

Purchase a Schlick Shark

Right now, while things are just getting rolling, you can have your Schlick Shark customized any way you want, and built by one of the premier custom steel bicycle builders in the country – Tom Teesdale. It definitely won’t always be this way so contact us today to catch a Shark of your own.

Typical component specifications come at a price range of $1849 to $2589 but remember each Schlick Shark is custom made for you, we can do just about whatever you want! Please call for customization options and final pricing at 262-501-1100

Once we receive your order, we’ll begin the process of hand building your Shark to your unique specifications which usually takes two or three weeks. Then your fully custom bike will be sent to a bicycle shop of your choice for final assembly (installation of handlebars and wheels) or delivered to your door ready to ride.

Best of all, every Schlick Cycle comes with our 1 Year Unconditional Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason, you, as the original owner, feel your Schlick Shark isn’t right for you, call us within 1 year of the date of purchase and we will refund your money and make arrangements to have the bike picked up and returned to us. That’s it. No hassle, no risk, no worries.

We currently have 4 Shark Cruisers available for immediate delivery:

  • Red Powder Coat – Fireball – Nexus 8-speed equipped -$2,495
  • Red powder Coat – Marathon – Nexus 8-speed equipped – $2,495
  • Two-tone, Chip Foose inspired Afline Show Bike – $2995
  • Black
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