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Schlick Cycles Shark in Playboy Magazine!

Whoo, hoo! The Shark has made the hallowed pages of Playboy magazine. September issue, page 34, in the Mantracks section.

This adventure started when John and I went to the Chicago offices and photo studio of Playboy for a photo shoot with the Shark in February. Pretty amazing to see the photo studio where nearly every photo in Playboy is shot. From products to models, Playboy still does all their own image making. Sweet!

We had to park a few blocks from the building that houses the Playboy offices and it was a reasonably warm day for February like 32 degrees or so. We got quite a few looks from folks rushing around the Chicago lake front and even more when we went in the front door of the building. I was tempted to ride down the halls but discretion got the better of me.

When we arrived at the palatial, top-floor suites of the Playboy offices we were taken to the studios and spent the next couple of hours watching as a couple of Playboy staff photographers set up the large softbox and 6 flash heads that would illuminate our beautiful Shark.

When the moment came for the actual snapping of the photos George Georgiou, legendary Playboy Photographer, did the honors. Thanks, George, the Shark looks great!