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Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee

The legendary bike ride pub crawl “through the underbelly of Milwaukee”, The Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, celebrated 26 years this year.

Just posted a Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee XXVI Flickr Photoset.

Venues visited in no particular order were and not necessarily official:

  • Cafe Hollander
  • Best Place – the new pub in the old Pabst complex on Juneau.
  • Long Wong’s
  • Kelly’s Bleachers
  • Haggerdy’s
  • Valley Inn
  • Kochanski’s Concertina Bar
  • Liquor Store
  • Holler House
  • Times Square Pizza
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • Liquor Store
  • Monica’s
  • Rascal’s
  • Cafe Hollander

Dave bowling at Kochanski’s while Greg pilots Tony’s Xtracycle.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee XXVII!

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