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Amazing Healing Power of Beer

We’ve been getting these “Amazing Healing Power of Beer” stickers for years at the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee from event organizer, Pee Oui Roubaix, or as he’s been know by others, Mr. Phil Van Valkenburg.

The Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee, coming up on its 35th year in 2018, is the oldest continuously running group ride in the greater Milwaukee area and has a long history of underground/pirate DNA. The original rides back in the late ’80’s were most definitely underground with probably a dozen riders lilly-padding

from dive bar to dive bar in search of the good life in MKE. While the ride has swelled to over 300 riders over the years and has taken on a more “organized” approach, much of the original DNA is still present with many sub-ride groups riding trails, exploring underneath bridges and finding more dive bar hidden gems in the greater Milwaukee area.

As PeeOui said on a previous appeal for riders “Dig out your oldest, wonkiest, weirdest machine for an inconceivably giddy afternoon upon Milwaukees beer-stained streets” and join us for the 2018 edition to collect your “Amazing Healing Power of Beer” sticker! Look for more info on sign-up when we get it.

Looking for a bit of the flavor of the ride? Check out this documentary –