Archive | October, 2009

Metro Mountain Bikers Milwaukee Fall Ride

On October 3rd Dave and I headed over to Benno’s to meet the riders on the Fall ride for the Metro Mountain Bikers of Milwaukee. The morning looked kind of dismal early but by the time we were ready to go the sky was looking friendlier and when we arrived on the parking lot behind […]

Elisa From Bike Skirt Stopped By!

It was a real pleasure to meet Elisa who was visiting family in Milwaukee. She is from Birmingham and runs the Bike Skirt website and works at a local bike bike co-op in Birmingham called BiciCoop. Elisa stopped by the Schlick Cycles shop with her sister where we chatted many things bike discussing her city, […]

Now I REALLY Can’t Wait Until Winter

I was perusing some old articles at Dirt Rag and ran across the following article: entitled How to Make a Ski Bike (by Noah Koerper). Since I have the old skis and I am hitting Dave up for his old Ralph race frame it seems like we will be able to get one of […]

Got the Continental Goodness on My Teesdale MTB

I had been using the TET mountain bike as an urban assault vehicle with IRC Metro Duros on it and liking it a lot but, for city riding, I’ve been riding the Smitty or the Simplified Singlespeed so it seemed like a good time to repurpose the Teesdale back to its intended purpose as a […]