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Urban Ride Around Milwaukee

Smitty MonstercrossI took a longer than expected fall ride on Tuesday. After I voted, went to the post office and the FedEx Store I started to meander west on the Oak Leaf Trail and by the time it was done I’d ridden through the heart of the city, down 92nd St onto the EW Connector, to the Hank Aaron and through Downtown before heading back north on the city streets and the Oak Leaf. It was a nice ride and i saw some areas of town I hand’t seen in years if ever.

I rode my Smitty Monstercross and found the 30-mile ride very comfortable. I mostly rode on the streets and paved trails but I did take about a 1-mile MTB trail ride in Hoyt Park and hit some gravel too. The Smitty worked perfectly!

You can check out the Garmin 500 track here:

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A Rodent on the Marsupial

Took my Rat Ride for a cruise the other day and rode the Marsupial bridge. Seemed a good spot for a photo and a little mammal on mammal action.

Yep, we do build some great bikes but I often like to ride bikes from other manufacturers simply because they are awesome. The Surly Rat Ride is one.

The Rat rules the day!

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Smitty Ride 01-04-10

Smitty on a Winter Day

It was a solid Jens Factor 3 day in Milwaukee today. 20-degrees and 10mph wind. I rode my Smitty and felt pretty good on the 11.5 mile, hour long ride.

My clothing choices worked well. I was warm for the entire ride except for my toes which got a bit cold in the last 10 minutes or so. Today I tried a thin wool sock with a Polarfleece sock over the outside. I think it may just have been that my toes were kinda stuffed into the Columbia Bugaboos. I am going back to a single, thick wool sock for the next ride.

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I Took My Surly 1X1 Rat Ride Out For a Spin Today

It was 50 degrees at 3PM today, on December 1st in Milwaukee no less, and a bike ride was calling. Normally, I ride bikes we build but, on occasion, I like to ride other bikes I own like my old Bontraeger or, as was the case today, my Surly Rat Ride. The day was beautiful and my ride took me down the Oak Leaf Trail for a bit, over to the lake and down past Summerfest before heading back to the shop. About 14.5 miles in all just cruising on the singlespeed. Sweet!

Surly 1X1 Rat Ride at the Lakefront